Preschool Program

Hands-On Learning

Children continue to work toward meeting milestones in 10 developmental areas:

  • Approaches to Learning: Children learn to use materials in various ways and begin to work on planning skills.

  • Logic and Reasoning: Children experiment with dramatic play, which develops symbolic thinking.

  • Literacy: Children tell stories and act them out, along with gaining exposure to writing.

  • Language: Children develop basic conversational and self-expression skills.

  • Math: Children develop counting skills and numeral recognition, along with shapes and patterning.

  • Physical Development and Health: Children practice gross motor and self-help skills.

  • Social-Emotional Development: Children gain self-awareness and independence.

  • Creative Arts Expression: Children explore music, movement, and drama.

  • Social Studies: Children learn how to be part of a community and develop familiar routines.

  • Nature and Science: Children focus on object classification and learning about the natural world around them.