Early Preschool Program

Prepare for Preschool

At Round The Clock Nursery curriculum our Preschoolers (3K)  program,  is based on developmental indicators and is specifically designed for 30- to 42-month-old children, as they prepare for Preschool. Children build their skills across several developmental areas:

  • Physical Development and Health: Children develop the ability to follow directions, complete tasks with little supervision, and participate actively in group games.

  • Language: Children develop the ability to respond appropriately to questions about books, and repeat different words/sentences to get another person to respond.

  • Approaches to Learning: Children develop the ability to find solutions to simple problems.

  • Social-Emotional Development: Children develop the ability to use emotional words (such as “I’m mad”) to get needs met, follow established rules and routines in the classroom, and play well with others.

  • Creative Arts: Children develop the ability to use materials, such as pencils, paints, play dough, and musical instruments, in different and varied ways.

  • Literacy: Children develop the ability to ask adults to read printed information, draw figures and shapes to convey meaning, and use picture and verbal cues.

  • Logic and Reasoning: Children develop the ability to sort and solve simple puzzles.

  • Math: Children develop the ability to identify numerals and alternating patterns.

  • Nature and Science: Children develop the ability to classify objects into living and non-living categories, provide explanations for why an event/outcome occurred, and demonstrate some persistence and creativity in solving a problem.

  • Social Studies: Children develop the ability to use terms related to location, direction, and distance, as well as to use the language of time (day, night, yesterday, today, tomorrow).