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Gail Davis, a visionary and trailblazer, is the founder and CEO of Urban Concepts/Round-the-Clock Nursery (RCN), which was established twenty-four years ago in a Central Harlem apartment. Ms. Davis had the dream to make a change in her community by providing outstanding childcare and early education to foster the future success of her scholars, far beyond Pre-K. She wanted to create an environment where children could learn and grow at their own pace, and families could pursue a career and not worry about the care and safety of their little ones. She firmly, and rightfully so, believes success starts before a child can walk.





Our awareness program is designed to raise parents’ awareness of how young children cope with trauma, grief, and loss. The program also provides a safe and supportive environment where children dealing with grief, loss, or traumatic events can share their experiences with others facing the same feelings of loss.

I Have Feelings Too encourages self-expression and helps to build young children’s resilience and social-emotional skills. While we cannot protect children from loss, grief, and experiencing trauma, we can play a significant role in helping them feel secure and cope in the healthiest way possible. This helps to build resilience and understanding as they grow. Teaching parents how to understand how their preschool-age children conceptualize death can help them serve them better and support their needs. Click here to 





To further support and encourage RCN’s highest-achieving Pre-K graduates as they continue their education and to track their progress over the years, Mrs. Davis will award 529 scholarships. These gifts, which can only be accessed after they graduate from high school, will be used for their college education. To date, 85 children are currently a part of her “Follow-Me-to-College Scholarship Fund.”

Through fundraising and donations at Round-the-Clock Nursery’s four locations, Ms. Davis can maintain the scholarships. However, due to the current economic status of the preschool communities, it is challenging to meet the demands of the fund. 

Ms. Davis said in a recent interview: “Today, going to college is no longer a want, but a need. If we can make a difference in a child’s life by helping to support the cost of college, then our efforts will certainly not go unnoticed.” RCN wants to keep the college dreams alive for our Harlem and Bronx Pre-K graduates. 

Please support Round-the-Clock Nursery’s “Follow-Me-to-College Scholarship Fund” with your generous donation today.
Thank you!

Follw me to college Scholarship fundraiser

I have feelings too fundraiser


Gail Davis 



402 W. 145th Street 3rd FL

New York, NY 10039

646-374-0017 Phone

212-283-3435 Fax

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