Family Daycare Preschoolers Universal Pre-K Afterschool Choir

About Our Choir            

How to Reach us:


2380 Marion Avenue

Bronx N.Y. 10458

Phone: (718) 329-6023

Fax:  (718) 329-6028

Hours: 4:00 P.M. to 6:00 P.M. 

Monday through Thursday


Choir Director: Marius Dicpetris

Mr. Marius originally comes from Saint Petersburg, Florida. After graduating from The University of

North Florida in 2001, with a degree in music,

Mr. Marius moved to New York City.


In New York, Mr. Marius went to The Manhattan

School of Music, and received a Masters Degree

in Jazz Performance, studying trombone and



From 2005 to 2007 Marius toured Japan,

Canada, and the U.S. with the world famous

Glenn Miller Orchestra. In the ensemble, he

sang in The Moonlight Serenaders, and played

2nd trombone.

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RCN's Afterschool Choir: 

Is made up of children from 5 - 12 years old. Coached by Mr. Dicpetris who concentrates on the voice as the children's natural instrument, the children are taught breathing techniques, as well as the correlation between voice, pitch, sound and emotion.

Being a member of RCN's choir is an honor and a privilege. In the months  to come, parents will be invited to a choir meeting.

This meeting will be HIGHLY informative and may be one of only a few  Mr. Dicpetris will have all year. This is an excellent opportunity to be informed of the workings of the choir and the areas in which you may become involved.

Children who have been enrolled in the choir by their parents will be expected to have 100% attendance.

All monies raised through any find-raising efforts will go towards the purchasing of musical equipment, suppliies, choir shirts or any other supplies and anything else the directors feel will enhance the musical growth of the students.

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