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Report To

Educational Director / Executive Director in absence of Educational Director



Job Summary



Under the supervision of the Educational Director of the center, the Administrative Director is responsible for the overall administration and supervision of the entire preschool services to families and children.  These responsibilities shall include coordination and supervision of such program components as preventative health, social services, nutrition and community outreach.


The Administrative Director is also responsible for providing day-to-day assistance to the Educational Director in the supervision or administration of the total center program in all its’ aspects.  The Administrative Director shall also assume full program responsibility in accordance with established policies whenever the Educational Director is absent.






Staff and Organization of Work


Assisting the Educational Director in the overall organization of work in the day care center.


1. Supervising/meeting with the Pre-K teachers to assure compliance with the DOE (Department of Education) requirements and standards.


2. Assisting the Educational Director in the recruitment of competent, qualified staff.


3. Coordinating and supervising the work of the administrative assistant, cook and teaching staff in developing and maintaining a total program in all activities designed to facilitate and complement the daily program of service to children.


4. Developing and maintaining good staff relationships, including awareness of the particular job of each staff member and its’ relationship to the whole.


5. Establishing time and work schedules for administrative assistant and custodian in relation to daily tasks.  Scheduling appointments, individual and group conferences, recommending vacations for staff in keeping with the center’s need to maintain adequate staff coverage at all times.


6. Organizing own time schedule so that important matters receive priority.


7. Maintaining sound financial management / Assisting with fundraising.


    A. Assisting the Educational Director in keeping expenditures within budget limitations.


    B.  Assisting the Educational Director in purchasing items for which budgeted funds are

          available and informing the Executive Director of additional needs not covered by



    C.  Maintaining current fee collection.


8. Supervising efficient facility management.


    A. Seeing that sanitary conditions are maintained and that the center is kept in good

          repair so that proper protection of children is assured.


    B.  In consultation with the cook, review food order and sign off for weekly orders.



Mimimum Qualifications



M.A. Degree plus four (4) years paid experience in a childcare facility as a head teacher.


In addition, it is recommended that the Administrative Director have the following personal qualifications:


Must have passed at least two (2) parts of the Certification Exams and continue taking the other exams with the goal to become certified within eighteen (18) months.


Demonstrated strong leadership qualities (mature judgement) and ability to work cooperatively with all people.


Ability to establish and maintain professional relationships and sound educational programs, to be articulate, pleasant and resourceful.


Willingness to utilize training available to improve administrative and supervisory skills as well as understanding of Department of Health and Department of Education policies and guidelines.


Flexibility to be able to work a flexible work schedule to monitor the program when needed.



Disclaimer Note:


This job description is not intended and should not be construed to be an exclusive list of all  contracts or a guarantee of continued employment.  It is intended to be an accurate reflection of the responsibilities/skills.  This job description is not intended to create, and does not create employment present principal requirements of this position.

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