Homework Reference & Work Sites

Bartelby.com - Contains full texts of public domain works, perfect for that paper on Shakespeare and other passed on authors.

BookALesson.com - Aims to streamline the communication process between student and their teachers.

BuddySchool.com - Find online tutoring in pretty much any subject you need.

Carmun.com - Ever wish you could find someone at your school to discuss a fairly unknown text for a class? Search Carmun for other students around the world who share your passions.

Digication.com - Allows you to create an eportfolio and easily share documents with students and teachers.

Ectolearning.com - Lets you set up peer-to-peer learning as close as across the hall or anywhere in the world.

Gradefix.com - A homework management system that aids you in staying organized and getting your work done more efficiently.

Literature.org - Full and unabridged texts of classic English Literature.

NoodleTools.com - Assists you in writing a bibliography and making note cards to go along with it.

Pebblelearning.co.uk - A site to to put your work in to an eportfolio to allow peer groups to work, teachers to give feedback, record progress and more.

Scriptovia.com - A collaborative site for students to receive feedback on their academic work.

TalkBean.com - A global network of tutors waiting to work with students.

TutorLinker.com - Lets you search your local area for tutors in the fields you need.

Tutorz.com - Helps you locate a tutor in virtually any subject or level.



Alumwire.com - Helps college students and young alumni with building a career network.

AnswerU.com - Ask about any question you can imagine about your school and receive answers from your fellow students.

CampusExplorer.com - Explore information on over 6,000 colleges in the USA to find the one just right for you.

CollegeWikis.com - Browse wiki sites specific to your university or learn some things about schools you may want to attend.

LocalSchools.com - Enter the program you are interested in, where you live, and a radius of how many miles to search, and this site will help you locate a school meeting your needs.

RateMyProfessors.com - For the college and grad school set, check out your professors before you sign up for their classes. Add your own thoughts.

RateMyTeachers.com - For K - 12 classes, check out what your teachers are like before the first day and add your own reviews.

Yelp.com - Moving away to school can be scary as you don’t know all the good places to go. This site attempts to help with visitor-written reviews and tips.

Useful Websites


Income Job Centers (Public Assistance) 


4055 10th Avenue

New York, NY 10040



530 West 135th Street

New York, NY 10031


St. Nicholas

132 West 125th Street

New York, NY 10027


Human Resources Administration Information


Food Stamp Centers

St. Nicholas

132 West 125th Street, 5th Floor

New York, NY 10027


(Zip codes) 10025, 26, 27, 30, 31, 37, 39

Washington Heights

4660 Broadway, 1st Floor

New York, NY 10040

Tel. 212-569-9829

(Zip codes) 10032, 33, 34, 40

Food Assistance

Food and Hunger Hotline


Emergency referrals to soup kitchens and pantries


The Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children

160 West 100th Street, 2nd Floor

New York, NY 10025


215 West 125th Street,

New York, NY 10027


281 West 127th Street

New York, NY 10027


Local offices for WIC: 800-522-5006

Local Medicaid Offices

Harlem Hospital*

530 Lenox Avenue (137 Street), Ron Brown Building, Room 1061

New York, NY 10037


Bellevue Hospital*

462 First Avenue (27th Street)

Administration Building "G" link, 1st Floor

New York, NY 10016


Metropolitan Hospital*

1901 First Avenue (97th Street ), 1st Floor, Room 1D27

New York, NY 10029


Columbia Presbyterian

622 West 168th Street, 1st Floor PH 040

New York, NY 10032


Gouveneur Hospital *

227 Madison Street, 7th Floor

New York, NY 10002


Central Medicaid Office

330 West 34th Street

New York, NY 10001


New York Medicaid Choice Helpline


Enroll/Disenroll health plans. Questions/Information

* Public hospitals for the uninsured pay according to your income.

Family, Teen and Child Health Services

Free or low cost health services

Renaissance Healthcare

215 West 125th Street

New York, NY 10027


Riverside Health Clinic

160 West 100th Street

New York, NY 10025


Washington Heights

600 West 168th Street

New York, NY 10032


Free Dental Care for Children and Adolescents (0-21 years)

Lower Manhattan Dental Clinic

303 Ninth Avenue

New York, NY 10001


Free physical examinations


Referrals and follow-up for new children entering school

Managed Care Advocates


Questions, information and your rights regarding health plans and insurance

NYC Managed Care Consumer Assistance



El Puente 718-387-0404

Asociación Communitaria de Dominicanos Progresivos 212-781-4955

Centro de Latinoamérica de Integración 212-565-8500


Haitian Americans United for Progress 718-527-3776

Free Legal Advocate Services

Legal Services NYC

350 Broadway

New York, NY 10013


Manhattan Legal Services

Harlem Legal Services

55 West 125th Street #10

New York, NY 10027


Harlem Community Law

230 East 106th Street

New York, NY 10029


(Serves 96th -110th Street)

Harlem Neighborhood Office

2090 Adam Clayton Powell Boulevard

New York, NY 10027

(Serves 100th-169th Street)

Manhattan Housing Court Legal-Aid

111 Centre Street, Room 106

New York, NY 10013


New York Legal Assistance Group

30 East 59th Street

New York, NY 10022

Also represents people with special needs

Center for Disability Rights


Battered Women's Legal Service

212-349-6009 x 246

Family Law Unit Domestic Violence


Immigration and Naturalization Resources

New York Immigration Coalition

275 Seventh Avenue, 12th Floor

New York, NY 10001


Catholic Charities

1011 First Avenue (55th & 56th Streets), 12th Floor

New York, NY 10022

Immigration Department

212-371-1000 x 2260

Legal Services NYC

350 Broadway

New York, NY 10013


New York Legal Assistance Group

Also special needs representation

10 East 59th Street

New York, NY 10022


Welfare Rights Network

606 West 11th Street, Apt. 122

New York, NY 10027


New York Association for New Americans (NYANA)

17 Battery Place, 8th Floor, North Building

New York, NY 10004


NY State Immigration Hotline 800-566-7636

Immigration information and referral in all languages

Family Court

Manhattan Family Court 212-374-3700

Child Support Info line 888-208-4485

Child Support Enforcement Helpline 800-846-0773

Parent Help 800-716-3468

Assistance for parents living apart who are having trouble sharing the children, problems with custody or need support

Child Protective and Preventive Services

Manhattan 212-676-6400

Bronx 718-716-0301

Child Abuse and Maltreatment Reporting


Adult Protective Services 212-971-2077

Domestic Violence Hotline 800-624673

Safe Horizon 

2090 Seventh Avenue (between 124th & 125th Streets)

2nd Floor

New York, NY 10024


For victims of crime and abuse offers support, counseling and court assistance

NYC Workforce 1 Career Center (Labor Department)

215 West 125th Street, 6th Floor

New York, NY 10027


Hours: 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Important Numbers

Social Security Administration 800-772-1213

Senior Citizen Info Helpline 212-442-3010

NYC Youth Line 800-246-4646

Parent Helpline (resources) 212-472-8555

Women's Health Line (311) or 212-639-9675


Provides quick and easy access to Information about New York City agencies, programs and services.

Family Services


1651 Third Avenue, Suite 201

New York, NY 10128


Counseling for families and individuals. Parents need a referral. Sliding-scale.

Metropolitan Center for Mental Health

60 West 86th Street

New York, NY 10024


Individual therapy, family therapy, children's play therapy. Medicaid accepted. Parents must call themselves.

Jewish Board of Families and Children's Services

120 West 57th Street

New York, NY 10019


Wide array of comprehensive services: counseling, legal, educational workshops, referrals and more

Harlem's Children Zone Project

2770 Broadway (106th Street)

New York, NY 10025


After school program. Case management and preventive services.


80 Vandam Street, 2nd Floor

New York, NY 10013


Wide array of services: counseling, education, job training also services for developmentally disabled.

Adolescent Health Center of the Mount Sinai Medical Center

312 East 94th Street

New York, NY 10128


Free mental health services for teenagers. Individual, family and group therapy. Alcohol/substance abuse.

LifeNet 800-543-3638

Ayudese (in Spanish) 877-298-3373

Mental health crisis hotline 7 days/ 24 hours. Callers are referred to mental health services. Emergency cases seen same day.

Educational Advocacy

Advocates for Children of New York, Inc.

151 West 30th Street, 5th Floor

New York, NY 10001


Created to ensure equal educational opportunities, promote quality education services and overcome school failures for NYC public school students. Provides information on the best education programs and how to navigate the school system.

Special Needs Education and Advocacy

The Metropolitan Center of Sinergia, Inc.

134 West 29th Street, 4th Floor

New York, NY 10001


Provides assistance to families and children with disabilities. Legal counseling in special education cases related to the NYC Department of Education. Training for parents in advocacy. Case management for early intervention and special education. Housing, family support and residence for developmentally disabled.

YAI National Institute for People with Disabilities

460 West 34th Street, 11th Floor

New York, NY 10001


Not-for-profit health and human services agencies serving people with developmental/learning disabilities and their families. Direct services: Family support, job training and placement, residential services, recreation, healthcare and more.

Resources for Children with Special Needs

116 East 16th Street

New York, NY 10003



Provides parents and professionals with information and referral, advocacy and training on programs and services for children, up to age 21, who have learning, developmental, emotional or physical disabilities.

Child Care

Bureau of Day Care, NYC Department of Health

2 Lafayette Street, 22nd Floor

New York, NY 10007

Bronx & Manhattan 212-676-2412/2444

Brooklyn & Staten Island 718-302-0152

Queens 718-520-8548

Committee for Hispanic Children and Families

140 West 22nd Street, Suite 301

New York, NY 10011


After School Programs


Emergency Only!

Ambulance, Fire, Police


New York City Government information/complaint line


Poison Control Center

24 hours