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Prior to admission, an Application Package must be completed and submitted to RCN along with a $100 non-refundable application fee. The Application Package must include a signed outdoor consent form, a signed consent form for emergency medical treatment, a list of primary and alternate pick up persons (with photo IDs,) and a tuition contract. RCN also requires 2 recent headshots of your child and a list of any allergies or special medical/physical information.  

A current Department of Health medical form must be completed, signed, and dated by your child's physician and submitted with the application.  Enrolled children must provide an updated medical annually.

Before starting at RCN, your child will be tested to determine his or her skill level. RCN will continue to test your child at a quarterly basis to determine his or her weaknesses and strengths as he or she moves through our program. This is not a pass/fail test; it is merely a way for RCN and parents to gauge a child’s progress.



All new students at RCN are admitted on a 90 day probationary basis.  During the probationary period, staff will work with your child to develop his or her skills and make sure he or she is adjusting to the RCN environment. In the event your child is having difficulty adjusting and becomes disruptive or acts out, the education director, teachers, and social work team will observe him or her to determine if enhanced services are needed.

In extreme cases, the RCN team might determine that RCN is not the right environment for your child. Should that be the case, our team will research and refer parents to a more appropriate pre-school program.


Even after the 90 day probationary period ends, RCN reserves the right to terminate a child from our program when a parent fails to adhere to RCN policies.

If a child shows aggressive habits that could prove harmful to himself or others and the parent continually fails to address RCN staff concerns, the parent will be informed both in person and in writing that the child will be discharged from the program.